How To Make Durian Pancake

How To Make Durian Pancake (Chilled)

Ingredients and materials: Pancake Skin:
Wheat Flour – 250 gm
Eggs – 3
Coconut Milk – 500ml
Salt – ½ Teaspoon
Approved Food Coloring – Color of your choice

Durian Pancake Paste Filling
Whipping cream
Riped Durian Pulp

Equipment: Sharp knife for cutting and cleaving, Food Mixer/Blender, vegetable oil, frying pan and a weighing machine and sealer.

  1. Blend Pancake Skin ingredients until mixture is fine..
  2. Fry blended mixture in thin oil and cut skin to equal sizes.
  3. Pancake Paste Filling :- Blend Whipping Cream with sugar to taste till creamy
  4. Blend durian pulp, coarsely (not too fine)
  5. Durian Pancake Skin: Place the skin flatly.
  6. Put Pancake Paste Filling on top of Pancake Skin.
  7. Fold and roll up the Pancake Skin.
  8. Deep Freeze prepared pancake in -18 Celcius in freezer..

Defrost for 5-10 minutes before serving, chilled.

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